Suhardi Somomoeljono & Associates Reprents Client for Auction Procedures Dispute in Makasar Distict Court

Hendy Rizky Hasibuan from Suhardi Somomoeljono & Associates represents CV Safari Furniture in Makasar District Court on commercial case between CV Safari Furniture v. PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk valued Rp,- (seventy five million Rupiah).
Hendy Rizki Hasibuan said that PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk shall perform an amicable debt settlement towards CV Safari Furniture before performing an auction procedures, he added that the auction procedures performed by PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk violate the minister regulation on auction procedures.
Hendy Rizki Hasibuan added that auction procedure in Indonesia stipulated under Minister of Finance Regulation No.27/PMK.06/2016, vendu reglement and vendu instructie shall be performed by every banks in Indonesia in every auction procedures, the violation of auction procedures may result a violation of law and may be able to be the base of a law suit under Article 1367 Indonesian Civil Code (tort) and other related laws and regulations in Indonesia.

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