Legal practitioner: revision of Anti-terrorism Law must strengthen BNPT

The revision of the Law on Combating Terrorism or Anti-terrorism Law should be able to strengthen the existence and role of the National Agency for Combating Terrorism (BNPT), said legal practitioner Suhardi Somomoeljono.

“BNPT should be granted special rights such as arrest, detention, undercover in intelligence perspective, as well as other special rights such as non-litigation measures within the framework of poverty alleviation for terrorism prisoners,” Suhardi said in Jakarta on Friday.

The revision of the anti-terrorism law, he said, should also strengthen the institutionalization of BNPT in particularly conflict-prone areas.

Equally important, according to Suhardi, the Antiterrorism Act also needs to strengthen the prevention or community development aspects in various modus operandi, especially in synergy with the world of education in both public schools and religious schools.

The oversight aspect of Indonesians traveling abroad should be proportionately ported so as to detect early on the possibility of persons indicated as potentially violent extremists.

“If the anti-terrorism law does not adopt such matters then the presence of the Act is like a nonsense” said Suhardi.

According to him, the threat of terrorism, especially from the ISIS militant group and the Foreign Terrorist Fighter (FTF), is increasingly visible before the eyes, while the legal tool for dealing with terrorism crime is still very weak.

“If the discussion of the revision of the anti-terrorism law is too long, it is feared that many more cases of terrorism can not be handled properly because there is no legal instrument to overcome it,” he said.

Editor: B Kunto Wibisono


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