Practitioner: Indonesian law is adequate for terrorist acts

Legal practitioner Suhardi Somomoeljono believes that the legal instruments in Indonesia are sufficient to crack down on terrorist crime in the country.

“The Indonesiian Criminal Code and Terrorism Act is already very adequate to be implemented in law enforcement against the perpetrators of terrorism crimes,” said Suhardi in Jakarta, Friday (6/5).

In addition, said Suhardi, the terrorists who are still desperate to commit acts of terrorism and radicalism with the modus operandi of bombing can also be charged with treason against the legitimate government.

Therefore, continued Suhardi, law enforcement officers in Indonesia should not hesitate and be afraid to quell every terrorism movement, whether committed by ISIS armed groups or other groups.

“ISIS members in Indonesia can be arrested and punished using Indonesian law,” he said, as quoted by Antara.

Suhardi said, it is no longer time for the Indonesian government to be soft on ISIS and its sympathizers, as ISIS worldwide has become a real threat, not a dream or a conspiracy.

“The risk is very heavy if we do not keep silent, do we want to be like Syria, of course not,” he said.

So, Suhardi continued, the government and the people of Indonesia should immediately take action against the sympathizer especially those who have joined ISIS in Syria.

“Obviously they are a terrorist group,” Suhardi said.

According to Suhardi, terrorist actors in Indonesia are actually victims of conspiracy theories that deliberately mobilized parties who do not want the existence of NKRI.

This condition must be taken seriously, because their goal is clear that they want to establish their own country. “That means they are against a legitimate government or an act against the state,” he said.

In other parts of Suhardi assess Pancasila as the ideology of the nation and soul with the Islamic religion is still very powerful to fortify NKRI from the threat of terrorism under the guise of religion.

Therefore, the government and the state should proportionally continue to foster and strengthen the ideological values ​​of Pancasila and Islam in all levels of society.

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