SSA Advocates Assisting a Financial Technology Company to Apply E-Money License

Suhardi Somomoeljono & Associates (“the Firm”) has successfully assisted one of the financial technology company in Indonesia (“Client”) to preparing submission to Bank of Indonesia in order to obtain electronic money issuer license from Bank of Indonesia. Electronic Money business is quite unique end complex business since there are vary provisions that issued by Bank of Indonesia. For instance, Bank of Indonesia Regulation 20/6/PBI/2018 on Electronic Money as well as it`s derivative regulations.

Currently, the Client has applied to Bank of Indonesia and biding for the assessment results.

The preparation led by partner Dianyndra K. Hardy assisted by associate Jurisdito Hutomo Hardy and associate Faris Muhammad Rabbani. Since the Firm has experiences in a financial technology sector, our lawyers have decent understanding with vary financial technology matters.

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