Outsourcing Jobs

The partial delivery of work to other companies or known as outsourcing is a collaboration that is expected to create a climate of harmonious, dynamic and fair industrial relations. Law no. 13 of 2003 concerning Manpower regulates 2 (two) ways that can be carried out in conducting outsourcing activities, namely through contract work agreements or through labor / labor service provision agreements (article 64 of Law 13/2003).

Outsourcing through Job Vacancies is carried out related to jobs that must meet the following requirements (article 3 paragraph (2) Permenaker 19/2012):

  1. Work is carried out separately from management activities and work implementation activities
  2. Work is carried out by direct / indirect orders to notify work procedures to meet the standards of the employer company
  3. Employment is a supporting activity for the company as a whole, meaning that the activity is an activity that supports and facilitates the implementation of the main activities in accordance with the flow of activities in the process of carrying out the work determined by the business sector association
  4. The work submitted does not directly inhibit the production process, meaning that the work is an additional job which if not carried out by the employer, the process of carrying out the work continues.

Jobs that can be left to other companies through contracting work, for example, Marketing in Feed Factory activities, because the main activities in the activity flow of the process of implementing the work set by the Animal Feed Company Association (GPMT) do not include marketing activities as a main support for increasing feed production Moreover, marketing activities can be carried out separately from the factory and do not hinder the production process if it is not done.

Provision of worker / laborer services is more limited than contracting work, if the work is stretched wider the scope of work even though there are conditions that must be met, while the provision of services for workers / laborers has been arranged what activities can be transferred, namely (Article 17 paragraph (3) Permenaker 19/2012):

  1. Cleaning service business
  2. Efforts to provide food for workers / laborers (catering)
  3. Security business (security / security unit)
  4. Business support services in mining and oil
  5. Efforts to provide transportation for workers / laborers
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