Employment & Benefits

We do understand that manpower issues is one of the most important aspect in running business in Indonesia, to protect the legal interest of our clients towards various regulation on employment, we provide a comprehensive legal services.

Our legal services for employment issues are in including but not limited to as follow (i) foreign employees permits, (ii) employment agreement (specified and unspecified term), (iii) company regulation and (iv) collective labor agreement. We also provide employment dispute services for alternative dispute resolution (negotiation, mediation, consolidation and arbitration) and also court settlement procedures towards industrial relation court.

Awards & Accolades

A dispute resolution lawyer and the youngest on this list, Hardy has advised International China’s Telecommunication Company  in drafting employment agreement to establish representative office in Indonesia.”

Asia Legal Business, 2017

…has expertise in litigation and arbitration and is particularly active in real estate, construction and employment relations matters. The firm ‘thinks outside the box’ and provides ‘practical solutions’. Recently it assisted Minerina Bhakti with submitting a bankruptcy petition to its debtors and advised an agribusiness company on a bankruptcy petition filed by one of its creditors. Suhardi Somomoeljono and Dianyndra Kusuma Hardy are key figures.”

Legal500, Asia Pacific, 2018

Commonly engaged in dispute resolution work in the mining, real estate, employment and insolvency spaces…….”

Benchmark Litigation, Asia Pacific, 2018

Practice Areas

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“SSA Advocates’ solid footing in the Indonesian legal market can be attributed to its dispute resolution and restructuring and insolvency work. Suhardi Somomoeljono is a key contact.”

Asialaw (Dispute Resolution)
, Asialaw, 2020

Notable Cases and Transactions

  • Represented an Indonesian prominent outsourcing company towards its employees on termination and compensation dispute at Industrial Relation Court.
  • Represented an Indonesian construction company on employment dispute between the company and its employees on termination and compensation dispute at biparty negotiation and mediation.
  • Advising an Indonesian chemical company in order to perform amicable termination and distribute compensation to employees by biparty negotiation.
  • Advising an Indonesian outsourcing company in order to perform an amicable settlement between the company, employee, and customer during triparty negotiation.
  • Advising an Indonesian chemical distributor to investigate internal fraudulent conducted by employees.
  • Drafting a mutual termination agreement between a prominent Indonesian outsourcing company and its employees during triparty negotiation.
  • Drafting company regulations and its registration for various multi-national companies in Indonesia.

Employment & Benefits Services

We prepare all documentation for foreign workers to work in Indonesia. In connection with that, we advise companies on compliance of employment procedure for foreign workers, reviewing and drafting employment agreement.

Reviewing or drafting offering letter, definite term employment agreement, indefinite term employment agreement, outsourcing documentation and any other related documentation required under prevailing laws and regulation.

Drafting applicable company regulation and collective labor law agreement. in connection with that, we also provide a legal consultation on legalization of company regulation and collective labor agreement to the authorized government agency.

Assisting client to avoid industrial relation dispute by advising a proper employee termination caused by various circumstances. By applying a proper and legal employee compensation and termination procedure will mitigate the risk of employee termination by the company.

Assist company to understand the mandatory allowance and social security in Indonesia. By understanding and applying the allowance and mandatory social security under Indonesian law, the company may avoid sanctions from authorized authority in Indonesia.

Indonesia has several regulations on manpower report.  We assist client to keep in compliance with the mentioned regulation. We also draft or reviewing mandatory manpower report either for domestic employee or foreign employee.