The firm began as Suhardi Somomoeljono Law Office or known as SHD Law Office in 1987, one of the law firm that works in litigation services which practicing in Special Region of Yogyakarta and Capital City of Jakarta. After several changes, SHD Law Office reconstituted in 2012 and reorganized the structure and also the firm’s legal services. The law firm’s name changed to be Suhardi Somomoeljono & Associates or also known as SSA Advocates, with Dr. Suhardi Somomoeljono, S.H., M.H., as the founder of SSA Advocates.

SSA Advocates focused on the realization of client’s objectives. SSA provide a wide range of legal services for litigation and non-litigation issues and committed to perform an effective legal services for clients. SSA Advocates gives a premium services to clients by maintaining the professional growth, integrity and education of the lawyers in handling several areas of law. SSA Advocates also provides experienced lawyers which have various experienced to handle various legal issues and business transactions in Indonesia.

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All of our lawyers Committed to be highly responsive, we will answer the clients email promptly and not exceeding 48 (forty eight) hours since we received the email. Clients may send us queries on Indonesian law by sending their queries to


We hired high quality and well educated lawyers from reputable universities. We will provide accurate information for our clients and solve their problems with a strong legal basis. All the answers from our lawyers are based on an in depth legal research with scientific perspective tailored with the clients’ need.


We are not only hires high quality and well-educated lawyers, we also concern about the creativity of the lawyers. Our lawyers have an outstanding legal strategy in handling clients’ cases and transactions. We understand that the business world is always progressively changes and our lawyers’ creativity will save our clients’ business.


Our lawyers are really great to treat the clients well. We understand that law firm is a service provider and our clients’ satisfaction will be our goals. We always develop our lawyers to improve their attitude to serve the clients. We have a client service standard that will be applied from our lawyers to all the clients.

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